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The Basic Stamp 2 (BS2) is a popular µcontroller.
Its popularity is due to the fact that the programming
language it uses (PBASIC) is very simple and easy to learn.

This workshop was created for the course Second Skin & Softwear offered at Concordia University. It is intended to give a general introduction to the BS2 to people who are not familiar with electronics and programming.

The various links on the left of the page will give you information and examples on important concepts related to the BS2. Below is general information on how to get your hands on a BS2 and start experimenting.


HVW Technologies is a good Canadian supplier. They have different packages for the BS2. The best buy for a beginner would be the Stamp Stack. You can get one for 50$CDN.

stamp stack

Parallax Inc is the company that makes the BS2. One of their popular interfaces is the Board of Education. The Board of Education does not come packaged with a BS2. You need to buy them separately. The total is around 120$US.

board of education


The most popular BS2 SDK is made by Parallax Inc. It is called Basic Stamp Editor and it is a freeware. You can download it from their website. To the best of my knowledge, there is a Macintosh and a Windows version.


You will need a serial cable (RS232) to upload the code into the BS2. You can get one at any computer store.
You will probably need a breadboard and electronic components for your prototypes. Those can be found at electronic stores. Check out the 'Electronics Suppliers' link on the left of the page...


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