The Accouphene tuxedo is decorated with 13 soft speakers, embroidered in the shape of a coil with highly conductive yarns. By pulsing energy through the coils and running a magnet, embedded in the sleeve of Accouphene, over the coils, sounds are generated. Accouphene creates a 3D sonic environment around the human body that can be activated and modulated through movement of the hands and the twistingand compression of the cloth.

When powered, every speaker generates a weak magnetic field that reacts to a strong magnet positioned in close proximity to the fabric. The magnet's strength and its distance from the embroidered coil determine the amplitude of the sounds. By electronically pulsing the embroidered coils at different frequencies, the Accouphene jacket can play different notes.

The speakers are driven by MOSFETS connected to an Atmel 8-bit RISC microcontroller. The circuit is powered by a 7.8V Li-Poly battery. The firmware on the mcu simply toggles the speakers at various duty cycles to generate the different frequencies.

> audio sample with 2 hands playing the tux
> video of the very first prototype

Vincent Leclerc, Joey Berzowska & the XS Labs Squirrels